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[T]shirt club

the “[t]shirt” club in Constanta, Romania is one of many clubs that you can find in the specific area, as a scene of events and entertainment for young and middle age people. the design of a club is mostly related both to knowing the events that should happen there and to the kind of client that consumes these events. the need for fun in the context of socializing is the main engine of clubs. of course the expectations at this need are possibly different for every individual if we questioned them particularly but generally the common wish is to break out the daily routine. to break out the daily routine, if we try to define it, means actually trying to project oneself into a space and time different from the common ones. the projection into the “unusual” on the other hand, is a sensitive perception associated to a space and time expanded, dilated, novel, surprising, confident, confused, imposing, nervous, hallucinating, dependent, childish, hilarious, etc… but generally, in order to be mentally accepted and even adored by everyone, this “unusual” doesn’t have to be strange in a range of conscious and unconscious aspirations of a generally accepted common mentality.  a good movie is good because your mental can accept it by its own rules and the dialogue reality versus aspiration holds onto a harmonic limit. as long as the limit isn’t disturbed the movie is good.

conclusion: [t]shirt is the new Constanta scene proposed for “evading” to the “unusual” of the day which holds you onto the dialogue reality versus aspiration in harmonic resonance…

published in: Igloo 148

  • Name [T]shirt club
  • Year 2013
  • Size 740sqm
  • Status Completed
  • Client confidential
  • Location constanta romania
  • Type Contracted