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The topography of the natural terrain defines on the square a space with downward visibility from Ion Luca Caragiale street and from the slope below the Rasnov fortress. The buildings surrounding the square, the surrounding built fabric and the Rasnov fortress are anchor elements that support and strengthen the character of the area and the development potential of Unirii Square. The project proposes the creation of a system of terraces on the south and east sides that will become both a meeting and relaxation space and a permeable space in terms of circulation, a direct relationship between any of the accesses/constructions and any point of the square. Pedestrian flows are given back direct routes to and from any of the points of interest of the square, being encouraged and supported by points distributed in key places both in terms of visibility and as a functional path of the space with elements of urban furniture, furnished and planted resting spaces or elements of interaction and ambience such as floor jet fountains or fog fountains. Street lighting is created with medium-height spotlights, thus creating the atmosphere of a square, of a wide space, encouraging a dramatic play of lights to support the character of the square both in daily activities and during special events. In addition to the illumination of the building facades, ambient lighting complements the general atmosphere with recessed linear fixtures located in the risers and terraces and tree crown lighting. The square thus becomes an urban stage where residents and tourists are actors in a performance that activates the public space, strengthening community ties in a unifying event that includes the built environment. The view towards the Rasnov Fortress, the human dynamics defined by circulation flows and daily actions, the plantings and the arrangement of the unbuilt space thus coherently define the public space with all its hierarchies. The space of Unirii Square is shaped to host various events, from large concerts or festivals, to Christmas fairs or smaller scale events (gastronomic events or various fairs).

  • Year 2021
  • Type Competition
  • Status Proposal
  • Name public space rasnov
  • Location rasnov romania
  • Client rasnov town hall