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the Aqueduct and the Canvas

it seems like a paradox for a city to have a great asset like the sea and not be able to touch it. water is still there but it has lost its predominance.

partly to blame is the constant acceleration of urban development, prioritizing vehicles over people and industry over public space.

in order to preserve the symbol status of both Jean Nouvel`s pavilion and the S pavilion, our concept retains their clean lines and respects the dialogue between them, the city and the water. however, through the similar scale, the new insertion does not feel lost or subordinated to any of the pavilions, but more as a balancing strong statement of the new values of the city. the shaping forces are the main mobility vectors: the promenade along the coast and the aspiration of the city to touch the sea. between these directions lies the key of the project: the vertical link that ties the two worlds: above and below.

therefore, the Aqueduct and the Canvas become an articulating mechanism between the SEA, an overlooked city resource, and the CITY, lifted from the ground on a towering cliff, disjointed out of the water. the vision emerges as an interface between urban conditions, opening up new areas by prioritizing human accessibility, setting a precedent for future development of the waterfront.

  • Year 2017
  • Size 80000sqm
  • Client Commune di Genova
  • Type Competition
  • Status Completed
  • Location Genova
  • Name the Aqueduct and the Canvas