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the store or the usual market as the daily venue in town is for everyone the symbol of exchanging news, fragrances, flavors, emotions… it’s the place to get a real cultural pulse or a vitaminizing sensorial experience. B4 is the place where like at the market we are assaulted by a multitude of objects, colors and materials vibrated by the light of the moment that open our senses towards a possible revealing feel. the visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory emotions display here one by one into a “garden” of experiences, touching the “explorers” within us in the context of the new Bucharest urban landscape…

published in: e-architect , architizer , archello , aeccafe , FORO International Forum for Reputation in Hospitality

  • Year 2019
  • Size 400sqm
  • Name B4
  • Location Bucharest
  • Status Completed
  • Client confidential
  • Type Contracted