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funky lounge

a terrace restaurant and bar at Herastrau lake in Bucharest is a place of meeting and contemplation. for the typology of clients desired by the beneficiary, the architectural discourse had to develop strong identity valencies so as the new created location could have the chance of becoming one of the new places of getting out in the city. within the proposed concept, the new „porch“ at the lake offers a platform of negotiation, a dialogue between states and sensations. the antagonism of these sensations is present in binoms offered to the immediate perception, such as: wood vs grey, opaque vs transparent, genuine green vs abstract graphic, etc… also, the general mental sensation of „known“ vs „innovation“ is one of the general attributes of the strategy. the  easy, simple details which welcome the visitor are desired in order to keep, without a false contextualisation, the bond with the idea of localization in nature. you are there, because the nature is rich and you want to feel it. this is why the wood is translated as the element with the dominant presence in the new location and the diverse finishing variants it received spatially, are levels of some perception degrees.


  • Size 100sqm
  • Year 2015
  • Status Accomplished
  • Location Bucharest
  • Type Contracted
  • Name funky lounge
  • Location herastrau
  • Client nouveau art cafe