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iconic pedestrian bridge

Shortlisted at the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2012

A bridge in front of the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam shouldn’t be only a bridge.
The site misses „openness” towards pedestrians at the level of the street raster.
What if this bridge will also be a public space which could reinvent the place through spontaneous events and could be rent, partly, for limited periods of time? …
It might become a reactive system with modules representing: café, natural green area, lounge, circulations, etc… Besides these modules, extra equipment might be rent: chairs, tables, umbrellas, pools, cows, etc…
The bridge becomes a „living beast”, a moire, a cloud on the water in the city…

  • Size 200sqm
  • Year 2012
  • Client ac ca
  • Location amsterdam
  • Type Competition
  • Status Completed
  • Name iconic pedestrian bridge